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About us

Sturgeon species research at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (former Center for Multidisciplinary Studies) is being conducted at the Department for Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, at the Laboratory for Ichthyological Research.

Our main goals are improvement of knowledge on sturgeon ecology, population dynamics monitoring, as well as research related to the development and improvement of sturgeon aquaculture for both supportive stocking and ex-situ protection purposes.

Beside our work on the protection of sturgeon species, our activities also include ichthyological research of other species, with the special emphasis on exotic invasive species.

Laboratory for Ichthyological Research team members have participated in a significant number of scientific projects, among which the following should be mentioned:

2007-2008 "Sustainable use of sterlet and development of sterlet aquaculture in Serbia and Hungary" - Project funded by European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR).

2006-2010 "Studies on diversity, protection and sustainable use of the fish fauna as key components in developing the strategy for integral management of water resources in Serbia" - Project 143045, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia

2006-2008 "Standardization and harmonization of techniques for sturgeon fish population studies development and artificial reproduction", Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia

2004-2005 ''Management of freshwater fisheries on bordering rivers – pilot study with holistic regional approach'' – Project funded by Government of Kingdom of Norway

1996-2005 "Development of high-productive aquaculture and its application in protection and improvement of fish resources" - Project 1354, Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development, Republic of Serbia

"Action plan for sturgeon species management in fishery waters of Republic Serbia" can be surely emphasized as one of the key results of our team. Action plan was prepared in 2005 for Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Republic Serbia.

Furthermore, our team has also worked on the development of "Action plan for huchen (Hucho hucho) management in fishery waters of Republic Serbia" (2005), "Action plan for preservation of wetlands of Republic Serbia" (2006) and a number of medium-period programs for fishery improvement in national fishery waters.

We have also participated in the development of the international document "Action Plan for the conservation of Sturgeons (Acipenseridae) in the Danube River Basin", which was adopted as the official document of the Bern Convention. Our team leader, dr Mirjana Lenhardt, is also the leader of the Expert Group for Fish Biology and Fishery of the Intenational Association for Danube Research (IAD). Our Organization is also a member of the international organization Carpathian EcoRegion Initiative (CERI).

Laboratory for Ichthyological Research team members

dr Mirjana Lenhardt

Scientific Councillor

Project manager

dr Zoran Gačić

Scientific Associate

lenhardtbio gacicbio

dr Aleksandar Hegediš

Higher Scientific Associate

dr Branislav Mićković

Scientific Associate

hegedisbio mickovicbio

dr Jelena Kolarević

Research Fellow

M.Sc. Gorčin Cvijanović

Research Fellow

kolarevicbio cvijanovicbio

dr Ivan Jarić

Research Fellow

Željka Višnjić-Jeftić

Research Fellow

jaricbio visnjicjefticbio

M.Sc. Marija Smederevac-Lalić

Research Fellow

Stefan Skorić

Research Fellow

smederevaclalicbio skoricbio

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